Monday, October 31, 2011

Urban Freestyle Soccer 2011 Mediafire Link

 Urban Freestyle Soccer 2011 Mediafire Link

Not many of the functions of Fifa streets, but the game also has fully reflect the unique culture of street football. Game 4 only four teams bring different styles to play. The use of ball skills and unique for the players of each team, although these skills are not very rich. Structure to play the game is also extremely simple, only 4 navigation keys and key chains, floor ball, ball, stone free. Control of his players as well as many other football game. That is when the ball goes to one leg, you will control the government there.

Interestingly, while the stone, sometimes there will be a bright spot appeared on the field, this bright spot appears in a short period of time specified. please give his players the ball and score quickly in the morning that it was time to show the beauty of street football skills. Each team has a specific technical performance of the ball to that point, and of course, ended the performance skills which is a beautiful and powerful kick to score his team.

Download the file unzip and run setup.bat before playing offline

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